A Brief History of Geisert Farms

From 1916 to the present

Four Generations of the Geisert Family in 2009, from left to right Ben A., Ben J., Todd and D. John.

Todd shows his green thumb in the early 1970's

A-Frame house with piglets in the 1940's

Ben F Geisert pretty long ago

Since 1916, there has been little change to the way hogs have been raised on the Geisert Farm, just east of Washington, MO. Pigs are farrowed in “A” frame houses in fields that previously had a crop harvested from it the season before. Today, grain is delivered by modern equipment rather than by horse, but when it comes to tending to the herds, it is still done by hand… many hands. Several generations can be found out in the field helping with sorting and feeding of the pigs, just as it was done over 90 years ago.

Ben F. & Ben A. Geisert in the mid-1950's

D. John, Ben J., and Todd in the early 2000's

D. John & Todd in the early 1970's

Most of the A-Frames built by D. John are still in use today

Ted, Victor, & Ben F